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Thursday, December 6, 2012


In late August of 1999, Coach Majerus met with his staff to review philosophical components of what they wanted to are just a few of the many notes of those meetings that lasted over three days:

DAY #2   Review conversion defense   Three stances -- on the ball, denial, and help  
Ball Stance -- 2 wings and top of the key
1. Jump to stance
2. 90 degree -- we give up no middle, keep ball on sideline
3. NO MIDDLE - keep the ball on the sideline
4. Outside hand up, flexed and active
5. Inside foot up, hand bent and active
6. Call shot, get a hand up late to a shot -- have wrist wrinkled
7. Never lunge or make a high risk play -- we are about deflections
8. Blockout and Rebound down
9. Foot and shot fakes -- jump back
10. Leveling off the driver -- throw your hands up and lead with your chest
11. Defending the back dribble -- we attack the penetration, level him off.  

Denial Stance
1. Butt to the ball -- be back doored     
      a. Never quit -- keep coming at all times
      b. Try to recover to your man
      c. Switch - you take he takes yours or trap
      d. Go opposite (to the rim) and build out
      e. Be ready to blockout
2. Maintain vision over inside shoulder
3. Outside hand up, thumb must be above your hand...deflections
4. Inside arm bent and used to feel the defense
5. Point your inside toe -- quickness
6. Ear in chest  

Attacking Penetration/Attacking Mind Set
1. Come and attack with high active hands -- make throw a bounce pass
2. Attack in a low stance
3. Make the hit, take the charge...jump back up     
        This should create energy and enthusiasm
4. Don't get caught in no man's land