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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Following are a few notes from a clinic I attend listening to Dick Bennett:

Hardest defensive segment to teach

Man to Man Defense: How you play in the post determines how you play on the perimeter.  If you play behind the post, back off the perimeter.  If you front the post, pressure the perimeter.

If the ball is above the free throw line extended, we do not want any low post feeds...especially from the top.

Don’t get caught on the top in the mid-post.

If the defensive player is stronger, we want to lean into the offensive player and be more physical...if the offensive player is stronger, we want to use arm bar and quickness advantage.

On the post feed from the side, we want the low post defender to step behind the offensive post player receiving the ball and take away the drop step.  We want to come with the other post player, no matter where he is, and trap from the top side.  We will choke off the pass back out to the wing.  The opposite perimeter players will rotate like this:

     -Lowest one slides to the middle of the paint and calls “rim”
     -Highest one slides to free throw line area