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Friday, June 21, 2013


The following our notes from the offensive portion of Greg Brown, head women's coach at Lipscomb University when he spoke at the Gary Blair Coaching Academy last summer:

1. Sprinting to screen emphasize--occupying our defender

2. Cutting hard to get basket cut first

3. Second cutters work to start first

4. Get our eyes off the ball--let the ball find us

5. Sureness with ball--Balls On Rack (variety of ways)

6. Can't teach conflicting habits

7. How can we get easy baskets?

8. Chart all turnovers from last season

9. Chart and track what you emphasize

10. Paint/ Lane Game--TPDCR

11. Passing is a Team Skill and one of the least practiced/ emphasized-->On time, On target/Right person, right place right time