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Friday, June 28, 2013


I love Mike Neighbor's commitment to grow our game and to help as many coaches as possibly.  Periodically he sends out a ton of information via email to anyone who wants it.  One more than one occasion I've shared his information encouraging everyone to sign up -- doesn't matter what level you coach -- males or fact, regardless of sport there is pertinent information for all.

His most recent newsletter shared this -- not only can you obviously still sign up but he has gave you an opportunity to get any or all of the back issues (you have no idea how many it is -- TONS).  Here are Mike's directions:

If you are new to the group or have missed any of the weekly Newsletter shares, you can email me a jump drive with return postage paid envelopes  and I will fill it up with all the archives dating back to 1997.  I recommend packing in something other than normal, paper envelope.  We have had a few damaged pieces arrive as of late.  Send them to UW Women’s Basketball, 3910 Montlake Blvd. Box 354070  Seattle, WA 98195.  A 8 gig usually works but 16 gig is the best bet.

This is the best way to access all our groups shared information.  It is already organized by topic and you don’t have to do any downloading like from other cloud storage sites.

There are a number of files simply too large to share otherwise...entire Playbooks from teams, Power Point presentations from clinics, and collections of clinic notes.
If you are searching for something specific don’t hesitate to ask.  I am willing to share any of our archives. .  If you have archives put them on the jump drive you send me so that we can swap.  Like Don Meyer always taught “you can’t use all the good ideas you hear, but you can collect/share them”…
If you haven't signed up for Mike's email newsletter please email him at: and he will sign you up -- YOU CAN THANK ME LATER!