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Friday, September 26, 2014


This is part 3 or 3 parts of notes I took listening to Bob Stoops, the head football coach at the University of Oklahoma at a clinic following his 2001 National Championship team.

We want to take away offensive strengths by player percentages. I heard Bobby Bowden talking several years ago when I was coaching at Kansas State. Coach Bowden said, "if you try to take away everything the offense does, you end up taking away nothing." If you try to stop everything, you end up stopping nothing.

Everyone has some true offensive players that they love to run. You have to take away what they like to do. Take away their best plays, and then re-act to the trick plays as best as you can prepare with good fundamentals. The players need to know that they have to stop. You cannot give them 15 plays to stop. Give them the most important.
Be great in critical situations. This includes third down, the red zone, and goal line (basketball special situations).

Our offense seems to be extremely complicated, but it isn’t. It is fairly simple what we do. We are going to force the opponent to defend the entire field (spacing).

We want to force the defense to defend the entire field. We have had as many as 12 to 14 players catch passes in a game...We do not want the defense to be able to zero in on us and say that this is the one guy we have to stop. We want to get the ball in the hands of several players, and we want to give them a chance to make a play when they get the ball.

We take advantage of what the defense gives us.

We want to be able to audible to any play in our system. We want to use the run game to complement the pass. A big part of our success this year was the consistency of our running game.

We want to keep the defensive front seven on the run. We want to keep them out of their comfort zone.