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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


As we inch closed to the 3rd Annual Gary Blair Coaching Academy, I want to occasionally list a few of the reasons that make us proud to be the host.  First and foremost, Coach Blair has a great passion for growing our sport.  Not all programs open their doors and share anything and everything with coaches off all levels.

One of the items that clinic participants receive is our Academy Notebook.  The notebook is over 100 pages of Aggie Basketball and will include the following sections:

Practice Planning & Philosophy
This section speaks to how the Aggies develop their practice and has some sample practice plans for coaches to view

Man to Man Offense
A very detailed list of Aggie set plays via Fast Draw.

Zone Offense
A look at the Aggie zone offensive attack

Man Defense
This section will deal with shell series and screen defense this year.

Special Situations
Principles and guidelines for Aggie special situations.

Skill Development
     -Point Guard
     -Post Play

Strength & Conditioning
A look at some of the work the Aggies do in the areas of strength, conditioning, explosion, quickness and agility.

Guidelines for scouting and always includes an actual scouting report that Aggies would utilize with their team.

Always one of the favorite section for clinic coaches, this is filled with motivational passouts that the Aggies give to their players.

A section of how you can follow and contact the Aggie coaching staff.

We take great pride in making sure the material from the previous Academy is not repeated!  We want to make sure that we are adding new information for those coaches who are repeat attendees.

We start putting the Academy Notebook together in the summer and work on it up until the day before the clinic.

The academy includes sessions led by each of the Texas A&M women’s basketball coaches, focusing on wide-ranging topics on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

Registration for the Academy includes three meals, a Texas A&M highlight DVD, a DVD of the Academy sessions and a notebook that includes tips on scouting, motivation, coaching philosophy, conditioning, and practice planning, in addition to a playbook.

Interested coaches may register here or get additional registration details here.

For more information, email Coach Bob Starkey at

12:30 PM      Registration

  2:00 PM      Aggie Basketball Philosophy (Gary Blair)

  3:15 PM      Stars Basketball (Dan Hughes)

  4:45 PM      Dinner

  6:00 PM      The Don Meyer Legacy (Bob Starkey)

  7:15 PM      Quick Hitters vs. Zone/Man (Kelly Bond-White)

  8:00 AM      Breakfast

  9:00 AM      Point Guard Play (Amy Wright)

10:00 AM      Aggie Offense
                      ◄Primary & Secondary Break

                      ◄Man to Man Offense

                      ◄Shooting Development

11:45 AM      Lunch

  1:00 PM      Aggie Defense (Bob Starkey)
                     ◄Ball Screen Defense

                     ◄Shell Defense
  2:00 PM      Q&A with the Aggie Staff