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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Can there be a more insidious word? Later, as in “I’ll do it later.”  Or, “Later, I’ll have time to write that book that’s been on my mind for the past five years.”  Or, “I know I need to straighten out my finances...I’ll do it later.”

"Later” is one of those dream-killers, one of the countless obstacles we put up to derail our chances of success.  The diet that starts “tomorrow,” the job hunt that happens “eventually,” the pursuit of the life dream that begins “someday” combine with other self-imposed roadblocks and lock us on autopilot.

Why do we do this to ourselves, anyway?  Why don’t we take action now?  Let’s face it: The familiar is easy; the uncharted path is lined with uncertainties.”

-Jennifer Reed (Success Magazine)