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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


One of the best teachers in the game, and a dear friend, is Jim Boone at Delta State.  A few years back, Jim put together a great teaching DVD outlining is Pack Line Defense.  Jim is constantly speaking at clinics and visiting with coaching staffs to outline how he plays and teaches the Pack Line.  His first DVD, "Pressure Pack Line Defense" was extremely successful.  It's a great DVD to have in your collection.  And if your response is "I don't play Pack Line."  My response would be that I guarantee that you are playing a few teams that do -- and you need to know the inner workings of the defense to better attack.

Last week Jim released a follow up: "Pressure Pack Line Defense: Advanced Tactics."  The video is an All-Access presentation that gives the viewer an opportunity to observe a team that has never ran the Pack being drilled to do so. 

Jim focuses on Four Key Areas:
1) Conversion Defense
2) Defending the Low Post
3) Defeating Screens
4) Defending Specific Offensive Movements

If you want information on either of the two DVD's (or Jim's DVD on Motion Offense), email him at He's got a couple of great PDFs that better explain the DVDs and give you great pricing options.