Friday, April 17, 2015


1. Every team can rebound if you put enough emphasis on it
     • Drills
     • Emphasized throughout practice
     • Can't give a lot of 2nd shots
     • Real judge of your defense is FG% defense
     • % of offensive rebounds you get – 40% + is good
     • % of defensive rebounds you get – 65% + is good

2. Defense
     • Contest all shots
     • Pressure the ball with help behind you
     • Pressure everything from the NBA 3 point line in
     • Make them shoot, pass, or dribble; don't let them stand with the ball
     • Force offense where you want them and then contain them there
     • Need to make stops when the game is on the line
     • Defend through all of practice, make the defense challenge the offense
     • Have a thought of the day
     • Have an emphasis of the day (ex. Rebounding)

3. Run
     • more possessions
     • allows for more mistakes
     • allows you to play more kids
     • run for conditioning and in drills
     • get #s to create good shots and create rebounding advantages

4. Play Hard
     • steals
     • charges