Monday, June 13, 2016


Spending some time the past few weeks reviewing clinic notes and this morning it was from my friend Dean Lockwood of the University of Tennessee.  This particular set of notes came from a PGC/Glazier Clinic in Chicago a few years ago that we spoke at:

You have to have a philosophy

On motivation via Louis L'Amour: "The water doesn't run till you turn the faucet on."

On improving via Max DePree: "We can't become what we need to be by remaining what are."

Needs assessment:
     What you want
     What it is

Evaluate Your Program
1. Do a needs assessment
2. Define profile of competition you want.
3. Level of conditioning...this is where...
     ...Competitiveness starts
     ...Creates confidence
4. Coach controls environment


Be precise, clear and specific

Drills: time and score...don't stop competitive drills

Readiness and Preparation

Recognize and reward high achievers
     Starve the turkeys
     Feed the eagles

Know you boss and know how you boss defines success.

Competitive Skill Work
1. Shooting Skill -- time and score...chart
2. Team Drills -- 4/4/4 Cut Throat -- only score on defense
3. Consequences
4. Practice must be harder than games