Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Stats of importance defensively
   1. Defensive FG% -- most important
   2. Rebounds
   3. Shot selection -- distribution 

Defense travels on the airtime of the pass

We want to influence bounce passes

Stance - lower, wider, longer

Denial stance: ear in chest w/toe pointed = better vision

Don't allow post catch...
   ...in the paint
   ...in rhythm 

Helpside Stance
   Maintain stance and vision
   Be close to the line of the ball than too far away
   Escape the paint and attack penetration
   Get out of the paint to block out
   Leave to soon rather than too late
   Meet cutters outside the paint.

   Talk it -- w/echo
   Touch it
   Switch it
   Deny it

Allow no pass from the top to the low post

Make sure referee sees your palms

Put a chest on anyone trying to get into the paint.

Distort route & timing

No one cuts below you to the rim

Scouting Report -- what are we going to take away?