Saturday, June 18, 2016


Early this week I wrote about Urban Meyer and his use of the formula E + R + O (Event + Response = Outcome).  He got this from Tim Kight of Focus 3, a leadership consulting organization.  For a clearer look at the equation, here is are a few notes from Focus 3:

Sounds simple enough, right?

An event (E) happens, you choose a Response (R), and an outcome (O) is produced.

Just choose better R's to produce better outcomes.  The challenge is that this simple equation is not easy to manage.  

Focus 3 gives 3 major impediments to any behavior change.

1. The Power of Impulse
Everyone has impulses and those impulses do not always align with the direction of the organization or the specific need of the moment.  One of the hardest challenges is getting people to behave in alignment with the company's desired culture and strategy and resist the impulse to act in ways that do not align.

2. The Gravitational Pull of Old Habits
Not every habit is productive and improving habits and behavior can be met with resistance and frustration

3. The Challenge of Difficult Events
Not all events are created equal.  Some situations are just more difficult to manage than others.  And different situations are challenging for different people.

Focus 3 also talks about steps to help people manager the R better:

1. Identify Defining Moments
2. Clarify the Desired Outcomes
3. Asses Behavior Patterns
4. Coach for Behavior