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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The following comes Blaine Taylor, head coach at Old Dominion courtesy Creighton Burns
1. Be in shape to Sprint! Sprint! Sprint! If we are to play fast break basketball and dedicated
defense, we must be in top physical condition.

2. Develop poise and patience to handle the toughest situations.
3. Live with and accept coaches’ experiments to find the most “effective team combination”.
4. Develop team leadership, especially from the guards.
5. Accept you “role”. We must learn to play the role that makes the greatest contribution to
team success whether it be as a starter or a substitute. Reserves must be ready when called
upon. Everybody has a place and each is vitally important to team success.
6. Develop pride in team defense and individual defense. We must help each other not only
physically, but mentally as well. Our defense is only as strong as the weakest link. We can be
the best defensive team in the country!!!
7. Make sacrifices and adjustments for the good of the team. If each individual becomes
obsessed with the number of points and shots he is getting and the amount of time he is
playing, rather than what the team is doing, we will not have a good year. Let’s start the season
by looking for our teammates first – our shots second – our individual moves third. TEAMS win or lose!

8. Rebounding. We must work on our rebounding, especially our block-offs and a “Five Man
Approach” to defensive rebounding. Our guards must get their share of rebounds. No one
leaves until the ball is ours. We must be the best rebounding team in the country.
9. Offensive execution: We need to control the tempo of the game and make it work for us.
10. Fast break: The fast break and the early offense need to be integral part of our offense.
11. We must develop some team toughness. Remember, a team can be tough without
having tough individuals. Everyone must “give up their body” on occasion.
12. Team Spirit. Last, but probably most important, we must maintain a positive attitude
(coaches, players, managers) and a team esprit de corps that will enable us to be winners both
on and off the court.