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Monday, April 5, 2010


- Reasons why Butler was successful this past year.
1. Entire team bought in to all details of the program (academics, strength & conditioning, workouts, etc).
2. Had players with great play-making ability (off the bounce).
3. Able to use his player’s great defensive versatility.
4. Didn’t have the biggest guys, but every player was tough & physical.
5. Has had 2 or more All-Conference players on each successful team that he’s been a part of at Butler (good players are good players, regardless of size).

- 4 Misperceptions of Butler Basketball
1. Butler doesn’t recruit size
.....a. Butler recruits players
2. Butler doesn’t utilize the post
.....a. Butler thinks outside the box of traditional posting ideas (post up perimeters, etc).
3. Size will dominate our league
.....a. Last 10 years, nobody that is 6’8” or taller has made All-Horizon League.
4. Undersized = Undermanned

.....a. Find out who your best players are, and get them on the floor.

- Bigs that are used to playing in a traditional setting have a tough time guarding non-traditional (smaller) post players (pick-n-pop, 33, etc)... Must be able to shoot

- There aren’t a lot of great back to basket players: The college game is extremely physical...if you can shove the post out 10’ to 12’, you’re in great shape.

-Defensive Thoughts

1. Butler square’s the ball up, doesn’t force to a side.
2. All positions must be able to guard the post
3. Front the post on the block when ball is on wing  if post moves you up, at some point you have to adjust, roll below to take away lob, and on the catch, hold ground.
4. When ball is on top – on the line, up the line.
5. Use your feet – don’t wrestle

- Disadvantages of playing small

1. Ability to contest shots – not just post shots. Playing small = need helpside defenders more active helping in the lane, so more susceptible to kick outs for open 3’s. Must play the %’s on bad shooters
2. Defensive Rebounding – Guards have to rebound. Some players only job may be to keep their man off of the glass.
3. Can get in foul trouble quickly
4. Finishing plays on offense

- Advantages of playing small
1. Traditional bigs struggle to guard undersized players
2. Increased # of ball-handlers & decision-makers
3. Increased defensive versatility
4. More disruptive defensively