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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I just finished a conference call with all the participants of the Assistant Coaching Symposium that's been orchestrated Felicia Hall Allen. I'm very excited to be a part of of this not just as a speaker but as someone coming to learn from this great cast that Feleica has put together. I first met Felicia when we hired her to come in and work with our basketball team over six years ago. She is as good as I've ever seen at creating a team atmosphere and centering your team towards common goals. she had a great deal to do with our stretch of five consecutive Final Fours. She brings amazing energy the second she walks into the room. She is also someone who greatly cares about the game and more importantly, those who play and coach it. That's why I'm not surprised that she came up with the idea to have the Assistant Coaches Professional Development Symposium. I'm not sure if there has ever been a weekend put together that directly deals with all the issues involved in becoming and growing as an assistant coach.

The speakers include: Al Brown (Duke), Stephanie Glance (Tennessee), Tim Eatman (Arkansas), Kelly Bond (Texas A&M), Carlene Mitchell (Rutgers), Lisa Cermignano (Illinois), Jackie Smith Carson (James Madison), Bobbie Kelsey (Stanford), Karen Aston (Charlotte), Coquese Washington (Penn State).
Symposium Topics:

Position Yourself as a Valuable Part of the Program
Add value to your head coach, the program and the players on the team. Demonstrate that your skills and expertise reach beyond your job description. Understand that promoting your Boss promotes You.
Think Like a Head Coach
Know what your head coach wants and deliver it. Exceed your head coach's expectations, by staying "wired" to their voice, thoughts and approach to the game.
Recruiting... Find the Right Fit
Recruiting is more than identifying & spotting talent. Learn to identify the right players for your Coach's system. Work smart, be more efficient with your time and above all . . . be ethical.
The Art of a Good Practice Coach
Become more involved in communicating the vision of your head coach during practice. Be in tune with your head coach and know when to assert yourself and when to be quiet. Be aware of the pre- and post- practice work that should be done.
Presenting a Scouting Report
Master your presentation skills. Get comfortable with your voice. Know details of the game plan Present your insights while communicating using your coach's terminology.
Be an Effective On the Bench Coach
Transition from spectator to coach during the game. Become an active participant, motivator and tactical thinker.

Get more details and what I think will be a special weekend at: