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Thursday, April 15, 2010


1. Only spend about 35% of practice time on defense
2. Take away blocks and elbows and top of key.
3. Defends these five spots from the 3pt. line in; whether in a zone or man.
4. Lack of offense is what generally what keeps you from winning
5. Thinks about how many places can the ball go and how can you react to it.
6. Work on concepts of how we want the opponent to score if they are going to score.
7. Defending BOB = stay connected with contact.
8. Is more concerned with opponent’s philosophy of how they’ll score and who will do most of the scoring. Not too many details.

1. Stance wider than offensive player’s
2. Need two steps to her 1 to maintain this position
3. Everytime she turns, must shoot over me.
4. Take baseline shoulder away.
5. Double on:

Rule: Can’t let the guy shoot it.
How? Pitino—“hit them with knees”. Show ref your hands
2 man zone on rotation. Must be @ help line.