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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The following is one of our favorite "Disadvantage Drills" and will be one of the drills we take a look at during the Gary Blair Coaching Academy October 5-6.

DRILL SET UP: Drill is set up 4/4 with two additional offensive players in each corner (Diagram #1).  Early we can have the offense remain stationary .  We can add movement without screening and then add screening later.

EXECUTION: The offense is looking to score with either of their four players.  The “open players” may only receive a pass outside the arc.  When she receives, she is to drive the ball to the rim for a lay-up (Diagram#2).  If the defense stops her, we want her to hit a teammate on the offensive team and continue play.  The “open player” may go to the boards if she is outside the arc when it is shot.  Make it/Take it and keep score. 

VARIATIONS: Variations can obviously come by the offensive movement as mention above...we can also dictate early movement before going “live” such as down screening off the guard to guard pass to work on this phase of our game...we could start with a double-staggered before going life.  Variation can also come in the form of scoring.  We can keep points score but also penalize the offense for a turnover and the defense for allowing a paint touch.

We are looking to play a base man-to-man defense...we want active pressure on the ball looking for the passing lane a pass away ballside...good post defense...jump to the ball when passed.
We are also looking to work on our rotation with the “I” on all baseline drives.

Key emphasis is on “early help” — closest player to the ball helps (with the exception of ballside help) and we want to stop the ball before it gets to the paint.
We are looking to contest all perimeter shots and finish with a blockout.