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Monday, September 30, 2013


I often share the story of Herb Brooks from the movie "Miracle" in which his assistant is puzzled as to why Herb isn't keeping the "best" players for the USA hockey team.  Herb replies that he isn't looking for the best players, he's looking for the "right" players.  To me this is the secret of recruiting.  And it's why I enjoyed this article written by Pete DiPrimio of the News-Sentinel on Tom Crean and how Indiana University approaches recruiting.

Kenny Johnson knows all about it. He's Indiana's assistant coach, recruiting coordinator and Crean's right hand man in the never-ending quest for talent. He understands the truth behind the drama.

So what is the state of IU recruiting now that the program has regained national acclaim?

“It's a weeding out process,” Johnson says. “Coach Crean has always tried to recruit from a position of power. We can't talk specifics about recruiting, so people might not understand the method to the madness, but it has never been about the credential of the player. It's always been about the fit. Understanding what you need. What your vision is, and how you want to continue building the program.

“It's pretty obvious we want versatile players. We want intelligence and great character.”
He pauses. Smiles.

“The ability to shoot never hurts.”

Here is the article in it's entirety.