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Sunday, March 14, 2010


The following are just a few notes that Sylvia Fowles took while attending Coach Don Meyer's Post Camp four years ago:

Four things the pro’s want
1) Low Body Balance base On Support
..... --Straight head moves (medium- low- lateral)
..... --Post player get lower and lower every move you make
2) Be compact with your game because you can be more explosive
3) Economy of motion
4) Tight with your game

Three things to have a good team
2) Fundamentals
3) Team spirit

Making a Mistake
1) Recognize
2) Admit
3) Learn
4) Forget

Note Taking (The 3 R’s)
2) Review- go over (stay with it)
3) Retain

Three things that stop you in basketball
1) Fear
2) Doubt
3) Worry

Bank Shot Rule
1) If I can see half the rim exposed I can bank the shot
2) If there’s more then half the rim exposed or no rim exposed I will not bank the shot
3) Target- ball it on the way down
4) Don’t be short on a bank shot
5) The peak of the shot should be at the top of the basket
6) 80% of all shots are missed short
7) Don’t shoot fast but get ready to shoot fast
8) Get the work done before I catch the ball- hands up, knees bent
9) Negative motion
10) Everything I’m doing is to speed up my shot