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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"Why We Win" is a fascinating book written by TV analyst Billy Packer along with Roland Lazenby. The preface of the book for Packer is to ask the same variety of questions to a series of outstanding coaches. The list of coaches include Red Auerback, Ara Parseghian, Bob Knight, Joe Gibbs, Pat Summitt, Dean Smith, Bill Walsh, Chuck Noll, Tommy Lasorda and Mike Krzyzewski, just to name a few. Here is an example of one of the questions and a few responses.

What’s more important, pregame preparation or in-game adjustments?

Anson Dorrance: “I think preparation is the absolute. All things you do before the game begins are certainly more important that whatever happens during the soccer game.”

Bob Knight: “I think preparation. I think in-game adjustments are the most overrated thing in coaching. The team that’s willing to prepare to win is going to be the team that wins. Most everybody plays to win, but it’s preparing to win that I think is the most important thing in successful play.”

Mike Krzyzewski: "Pre-game preparation is much more important as far as the coach and player relationship, in that I find most players, if they start a game and don’t have the proper mind-set, it’s very difficult to turn that around."