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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Phil Beckner, an assistant coach at Weber State University recently shared with me, "100 Things I’ve Learned from Coaching at the College Level." I think it is a great thing that Coach Beckner keeps a list of things he's learned.

It is similar to what I do via the advice I got from Coach Don Meyer a few decades ago about keeping a journal. Coach Meyer would tell us "I'm not talking about a diary. It's not about what you did today. It's a journal -- write down thoughts of importance and lessons learned."

Thanks to Coach Beckner for sharing:

4) Great question to ask yourself everyday “What does my team need right now?”-Herb Sendek
11) “Never lose a chemistry guy” –Doc Rivers

19) If you stat it, chart it, or emphasize it, it will be important to your team (deflections, charges, turnovers)

22) There are plenty of great coaches out there willing to help you if you just ask

25) “Let mad go” -Chuck Daly… it doesn't bother the players as much as you

38) Toughness is one of the most underrated characteristics of good teams! You need speed, talent, athleticism, and skill but toughness gets you through the year

49) Players love hearing about the “next level”. Study, and research what the great players do and have info, articles, examples for them. This helps get your point across.

52) Recruit high character kids...bad kids will be bad kids

65) During shooting workouts w/players emphasize WHERE they should be shooting from. Game shots, from game spots, at game speed…especially shots they get in your offense.

66) NEVER over coach shooting! Keep it simple! Kevin Eastman only coaches “perfect feet, perfect follow through”. Find out what’s most important for your shooters and leave it at 1 or 2 things.

81) 3 keys to be in every game: transition defense, rebounding, turnovers!

92) Rebounding-the more you chase the more you get.