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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The following are some notes that our Tae Tae LeBlanc (a Lady Tiger point guard) took at Don Meyer's Perimeter Camp in 2005. The experience for Tae Tae was excellent and made a huge difference in her approach and made her a bigger player:

2 Kinds of point guards
-Intuitive – see where the player should be and throws it there
-Sensing – throws the ball where the player is

Point Guard: seeing everything on the floor
-Full court look at the net
-Half court look at the rim, post, action
-When catching an outlet pass or attacking the post, see the biggest part of the floor – see as much as the floor as possible
-Know my dance move
-Go until somebody stops you
-On made basket get the outlet on the left side of the floor
-Drive the front hand – puts in jail with second step
-Crossover driver – puts in jail with first move

Coach has three jobs
-Give me what I need not what I want
-Get me to want what I need
-Let me play – figure it out for myself

Three things I do
-Drive to the basket
- Shoot off the dribble going to my right

3 Things I like to do better
-Use left hand
-Communicate on the floor
-Become a better shooter