Tuesday, February 7, 2012


In the busy world of coaching, it is sometimes difficult to keep up on my reading material.  There are articles in magazines but even more importantly there is a ton of information on the Internet.  The question when to read everything.  An idea that I got from Coach Dale Brown, the most avid reader I've known, is to keep a file with everything you'd like to read and carry it with you on the road.  Down time in a terminal, flight, bus ride or hotel stay can allow you to catch up on your reading.  I keep a manila folder in my desk drawer and when I come across a magazine article I tear it out and place it there.  Same with Internet articles -- print them and place them in the folder.  Then when I hit the road I place it in my back pack and take advantage of travel time to get caught up on my reading.  Of course highlighting and underlining important passages as Coach Brown also taught me.