Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It’s true that the more thinking you do, the better you become at it. But you can quickly improve your thinking if you do the following on a daily basis:

• Focus on the positive: Thinking alone won’t guarantee success. You need to think about the right things. Negative thinking and worry actually hinder the thinking process rather than improve it.

• Gather good input: I’ve always been a collector of ideas. I do a lot of reading, and I continually file the ideas and quotations I find. I’ve found that the more good ideas I’m exposed to, the more my thinking improves.

• Spend time with good thinkers: If you were to interview a group of top executives in any profession, you would find that well over half had the benefit of being mentored at some time in their careers. And I believe that the greatest benefit anyone receives in that kind of relationship is learning how the mentor thinks. If you spend time with good thinkers, you will find that the exposure sharpens your thinking.

The following comes from "Make Today Count" by John Maxwell