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Friday, March 29, 2013


Yesterday I was exchanging some tweets with my friend Coach Matt Grahn and we were talking about Coach Ray Giacolleti whom Matt once worked for.  It reminded me of a Baden Clinic I attended in 2005 in which Coach Giacolleti and Don Meyer were some of the featured speakers.  Coach Meyer and I went to dinner that night with Coach Giacolleti and it was a wonderful learning experience for me to sit and listen to them both. 

Here are some of my notes from Coach Giacolleti that weekend:

Broaden your horizons to get better...send all your assistants to visit with someone.

More things we can do with our players off the court the better we can coach them on the court.

Coach Giacolleti created a "license to shoot" in which a player had to make a number of shots at a certain percentage before they were allowed to shoot them in a game.

Not better way to improve your program than to improve your skill level.

Pet peeve -- "free shooting"

Team will get better as individuals get better.

Game goals were done by the half:
     Hold opponent to 30 points
     Commit 6 turnovers or less
     10 free throws a half

When the made all 3 -- never lost
When they made 2 of 3 -- never lost
Even making 1 gave them a good chance of winning

Use officials in scrimmages -- dictate one day for them to call is soft and the next to call it tight.

"Termination Plays" -- what do you run when your original stuff doesn't get you a shot?