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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This is our 6th installment from Billy Packer's book "Why We Win" in which he ask coaches of all sports for insight on their philosophy.

What would be your greatest satisfaction as a coach?

John Wooden: I would say in my earlier years it would have been championships, but as I matured and became more experienced my satisfaction became what’s going to happen to these youngsters after they’re out from under my supervision? What’s going to happen to them after basketball? I like very much to refer to Amos Alonzo Stagg again. After a particularly great season, a reporter said, “Well, is this your greatest sea-son, coach?” And Staff said, “I won’t know for 20 years.”

Pat Summitt: The consistency that we have been able to maintain in this program in the area of graduation rate and national contenders.

Chuck Noll: Having been associated with people with great attitudes. We talked about before what happens when you come together, when you have success and when you’re working together, there’s the bond.

Dan Gable: Bringing people to new levels of excellence.