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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Back in 2003 I flew to Columbus, Ohio to spend a couple of days with Coach Jim Foster.  He was kind enough to open his program up and spend time with me discussing a variety of topics.  I have always had a great deal of respect for Coach Foster back from his days at St. Joe's through his time where we competed against each other during his tenure at Vanderbilt.  Over the next few days I will share some of the notes I took from our discussions.

Wants a stance that is low if the defender is playing behind...does not have to be as low when fronted.

Elbow bent at 45 degrees...both hands up

Teaches both hands up on lob to take push-off call away from official.

Wants feeder to see low post defender's head...throw the ball the posting player's hand opposite of the defender's head...if you can't see the defender's head, then throw the pass directly at the posting player's head.

Only utilize bounce passes to baseline when poster has a leg-lock.

Coach Foster likes high-low action vs. aggressive defense...does not like lob from wing...wants lob to come from high post feeder.

Teaches post player to act like they are battling for the lob from the wing when they are in fact creating space for the lob when the ball is pass to the high post.

1. Sikma Move (Reverse Pivot)...great move for LP trapping
2. Jump Hook
3. Up and Under...counter to jump hook
4. Drop Step...middle of the lane w/leg lock

Ohio State teaches post players to catch and look middle...looking to the middle is BIG in their philosophy...see more of the floor...see more of the defense...trap will almost always come from high post area or weakside player attacking the high side of the poster.

Coach Foster: "Biggest mistake players make is that they hurry and don't read."