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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The following comes from "Designing Effective Practices for Team Sports" written by Kevin Sivils:

Competitive sports can sometimes be described as controlled chaos, and the team that is able to bring the most order out of the chaos has the best chance of winning the game.  That might be overstating things a bit, but at times, it certainly seems like an accurate statement.  What is certain is that there are many elements that neither coaches nor players have control over.

No coach is able to control how tall the opponent's center is, how quick the opponent's point guard is, or how far the range of the opponent's shooter is.  Nor can any player control an official's calls, the physical condition of the court and building the game is being played in, or the speed of the clock.

In fact, there are really only three things coaches and players really have control over.  God gave each of us total control over the choices we make, our attitude, and our effort.  It is a waste of time and emotional energy to try and control anything else.  In fact, it can reduce a great deal of negative behavior, thinking, action, and mistakes made on the court.