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Thursday, September 13, 2012


During his tenure as an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics, Kevin Eastman has had first hand experience with "special players" -- both on his team and those he competed against.  The list below is one to be shared with your best players.  You could even change the name form "special players" to "special teams."

Special players who themselves accountable...

...don't blame others first; instead, they look first for what they contributed (or did not contribute) to the situation.

...don't complain; instead they look for ways to correct things that aren't working.

...don't procrastinate; get things done now.

...always give more than they ask of others.

...always look to take on as much as they can handle, rather than look to pass things on to others all the time.

...are constantly trying to improve their game as they can bring more to the team and constantly fulfill their role.

...are self starters and study the game (and themselves) enough to know what needs to be done; then do about doing it. the un-required work, knowing that it simply needs to be done -- extra shots, extra weights, extra film watching, etc. without constantly needing to be told by a coach.

...hold others accountable for their jobs and roles because they know the importance of accountability as it relates to winning; this creates a collective responsibility.

...always be among the most trusted players on the team -- by coaches and players.

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