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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For anyone in the Houston area, I hope you will come spend the day with us at the Kingwood Park Coaches Clinic. The clinic is ran by my friend Justin Burleson does a great job of running the clinic and told me that they will accepting walk-ups the day of the clinic.  Hope to see you there!

September 15, 2012

Speakers: Brendan Suhr, Kevin McHale, Dominic Amorosa and Bob Starkey

Besides being able to speak in the Houston area on this weekend, I look forward to spending some time with my friend Brendan Suhr. Brendan was a long-time assistant coach under Chuck Daly during the dynasty years with the Detroit Pistons. If you are looking to add or improve upon the pick and roll in your offense -- no one is better than Brendan. Of course, Brendan also teams up with Kevin Eastman to put on Coaching U Live each summer -- so he certainly knows what goes into a great clinic. As a life-long Celtic fan, I will also look forward to hearing Kevin McHale. My friend Justin Burleson puts the clinic on each year and does an incredible job.

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