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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A. Get to your spots quickly before the person taking the ball OOB gets to the ball

          1. Lets the coach see if it is zone or man.

B. The person taking the ball OOB needs to take their time getting to the ball.

C. Signals – Head, Hips, Knee, Shoulders

D. Use signals and words to distract the other team.

E. The play will begin when the ball is handed to the person taking it OOB. Not on the slap

F. Everyone set up with your hands on your knees

          1. Does not allow the defense to get into you.

          2. Gives appearance of being tired ( Actor)

          3. Gets you low to begin the play

          4. Eye contact is better then any play (See)   G. Attack the Attacker. Do not let the defense rest.

          1. No set up

          2. No numbers called for plays

          3. Keep the defense moving. Do not let them entrench themselves.

H. If you see that the person you want to pass it to is denied, dribble at them and they should back cut.

I. A hard cut is equal to a good screen

J. Rules for offense

          1. Catch and see

          2. Finish your cut

          3. Help someone out