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Thursday, February 21, 2013


These come from some old Nike Clinic notes when Coach Sampson was at Oklahoma:

How do you want your team to win a game?

These people are not allowed to have a bad practice
          Point Guard
          Best Player
          Head Coach

2 things a player can control

Everything has to be relative to something

Nothing has ever been taught until it's learned;
Nothing has ever been learned until it's taught.

Practice w/Bubble to work on rebounding -- great teaching aid

Best teams don't always win -- toughest teams usually win.

You give your team permission to be average if you allow your best player to take the day off.

Never penalize effort -- reward effort.

You might not be the best offensive team but you can be the offense that cuts the hardest...find something important to emphasize.

Transition Defense -- talk is critical...not important that you know, important that your teammates know.

Most coaches let up in practice after the first two weeks.

Doesn't matter if you closeout on the high-side or the low-side -- whatever is comfortable for you as a coach -- but make sure you players know how and why.

Good defense (man or zone) starts with transition defense.

In your community...
          ....find an ex-coach
          ...invite him/her to practice
          ...involve them
          ...make them feel a part
 day you will be that ex-coach