Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In 2008, Pat Williams, the GM of the Orlando Magic and a tremendous motivational speaker put out a book, "The Ultimate Coaches' Clinic." It is a fascinating book because of the style Pat utilized. He surveyed over 1000 coaches and administrators for insights to what is important to successfully do their job. It is a great book to own and I highly recommend it. Here are some thoughts from Joe Gibbs:

• Once you have a plan, you must sell it to the players. It is not enough to put it on the blackboard and say, “Okay, here it is.” You have to convince the players that the plan is a good one and show them, in specific ways, why it will work. If you do, you send them out to the practice field with more confidence.

• As you are in private, so you will be in public. Given enough time, the public and private persons always merge.

• People will respect you more, not less, when you take a stand for what is good and right and live consistently according to your moral values.

• If you are loyal to your people, they will give you 120 percent effort.

• The best way to bring out the best in people on your team is to lead by example.

• Understand that real success is achieved through a team effort.

• I think having a relationship is important—being able to talk to guys, having a real concern for them and their future. To me, that’s the best approach. Players seem to feel that your job as a coach is to help them to be the best they can be. So, I think having a personal interest in them is crucial, and the way you show that is crucial.

• Look for players with character and ability. But remember, character comes first.