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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The following our notes from Greg Brown, head coach at Lipscomb University on planning. It was part of his presentation our 2012 Gary Blair Coaching Academy.

1. Have a system, any system and make it work for you...Make sure you don't work for your system.

2. Needs Assessment--What Should Be minus What Is = Needs...Daily, Weekly, Monthly

3. Find a 3rd Place--where work and family can't get to you

4. Long season but it boils down to a 3 game season in March

5. Study Planner Pads--weekly planning system

6. Notes--500 richest people...take notes...Think Pad...Evernote...Hard Sheet for Daily

7. Plan, Prepare, Practice as if you just lost your last game

8. Evaluate every year as if it's your first year

9. Plan your week on Sunday...Plan next day the night before...Journal — what we learned vs. what we did.

10. Sit and Think for 10 minutes per day

11. Don't prioritize schedule/ schedule your priorities--Big Rocks--HVA's

12. Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly lists--Outlook, Task list reminder apps



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