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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Screening + Player Movement + Ball Movement
           = Very Difficult To Defense

What do you emphasize in your offense?

“Not what you teach, but what you emphasize.” - Don Meyer

Talked to Bob Boyd once about motion offense and told me that he had just spend a week with Bob Knight watching their 4 Player Workouts.  Knight spend the majority of the time working on screening.  Nobody screens better than Knight’s teams yet here he was spending a great deal of time working on it further.

Knees bent (important: balance and integrity)

Arms tucked (for reception)

Headhunt mentality (find the defender—smart bomb!)

One you set the screen, stay set — you have done your job — now it’s the responsibility of the cutter.

While running motion at LSU we averaged 5-10 screens per possession.  Only get called for maybe 5 illegal screens the entire year.  4 of those will be a screener leaning trying to bail out a poor cut.

Screen with your eyes.  Visually seek out the defender and set the screen.  Then, and just as important, visually observe the cut your cutter uses.  This is critical for “2nd Cut” philosophy.

Screening Sequence:
Communicate: call out the name of the teammate you are screening for and point towards her.

Find the Defender: “Smart Bomb” mentality

Sprint to Screen: “Headhunt” - get there!

Come to a Stop: good stance...low...balanced...wide

Read the Cutter: don’t worry about the ball — what cut was used (we made our screeners call out the cut that was used

 Initiate 2nd cut: HUGE!!!!