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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Starting point on a pick and roll is key.

Set-up is the next step, trying to get four-on-three situations.

Random pick and roll – unexpected, not called, quick.
The screener should do a half-roll.
    • Roll until you are a point between the elbow and the NBA half-circle under the rim.
Punish the help and use their rotations against them.
People in the NBA are not called selfish, they are called thirsty.
Tell the players to not get caught up in the plays, but understand the concepts.
Four men will show in the NBA, fives play soft.
All defensive commands: E.L.O:
    • Early.
    • Loud.
    • Often.
Location of the screen is a big factor. You can mix things up by moving the screen down.
Horn action- counter defense going under screen.
Twist action- make it a two on one screening action.
Freeze action0 dribble at your teammate and dump the ball off to him as you screen their man.
To see the best way to execute the pick and roll, watch Chris Paul. He has redefined the pick and roll aspect of basketball.
On a double screen with the two bigs as the screeners, depending on personnel you want your four-man to pop out and your five-man to roll straight to the rim. The five should post up on the NBA half circle under the rim because you can’t front him there defensively.