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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I'm taking some time this morning, with it being our practice day off, to organize my thoughts and notes from the Motion Offense Clinic this weekend at the University of Arkansas Little Rock.  I really love motion offense and how it's taught and I have great respect for UALR and the great job they do of teaching.  Some of my concepts I will be speaking on will be:

1. Alignments -- execution and usage
2. How to create Structure within Motion Offense
3. Zone Motion

A few decades ago, as an assistant coach on Dale Brown's staff, we would always have high school and college coaches visiting with us at practice.  One of those that was constantly there to grow as a coach is Robert Dallimore, now an assistant at UALR.  I knew Robert was already a good coach because he was directing one of the state's top high school program's at the time -- yet there he was being a continual learner.

Knowing Robert allowed us to often discuss basketball when we ran into each other on the road and he eventually introduced me to Joe Foley, the head coach at UALR -- and an outstanding motion coach.  Now I had another coach to talk basketball with during the summer.

When they first approached me with the idea of doing a two-man motion clinic I didn't hesitate.  First I love talking motion, but more importantly I will be able to go listen to Joe and watch he and Robert teach their team.

I would hope that if you are near the UALR campus this weekend that you'll stop by.  I always tell coaches, even if you don't run motion, there will be teaching methods involved in motion that will improve you set plays or continuity.  The concepts are amazingly unique to good offensive play and adaptable beyond true motion. Oh, and the clinic is FREE!

For more information on the clinic, click here.