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Thursday, October 10, 2013


The following comes from some notes I have from visiting with Jim Crews:

There is one reason to shoot – to make it.

Crews believes they work on shooting more than any other team in the nation and he still doesn’t think they work on it enough…can’t work on shooting too much.

Teach shot fake and foot fake

TP: “Sell the fake to the defender.”

Shooting Drill
3 managers have basketballs and pass them to shooters on coach’s command…while the ball is in the air, the coach will yell out a command for the shooters to carry out, including:


Shot fake

Shot fake, go right

Shot fake, go left

Foot fake

Foot fake, go right

Foot fake, go left

Crews is “tremendously big on shot preparation – being ready to shoot.”

To shoot the ball you must have:

…hand preparation

…foot preparation

…shoulder over your feet

…don’t dip the ball (takes too much time)