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Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday was of course Sunday and meant another key Southeastern Conference game for our Aggies.  But Coach Gary Blair also recognizes the important of our student-athletes overall well-being including our spiritual needs so before our Shoot Around yesterday morning, he asked Texas A&M FCA head (former Aggie football player) Bill Johnson to come lead our team in a devotional.  And his message resonated with me.

He told the story of coming home to his house and seeing a big crack on the top of a wall in one of his rooms.  He hired someone to come and repair the crack which they did.  A few months later however, the crack reappeared.  He informed the company and they again came out to address the problem.  Still, within time the crack returned. 

Bill then reached out to a contractor to come look at the problem.  What the contractor informed Bill was that the crack was caused by a problem in the foundation.  Until the foundation could be addressed, the crack would continue to return.  All the structural successes (or lack thereof) within the house would come about because of how the foundation was built.

Bill told our team the same is true of spiritual self, that of our team and that of our family.  In the game of basketball, your team is built -- should be -- from the foundation up.  In basketball the foundation areas of importance include:

1. Staff -- do you have the right people to lead and teach your team
2. Administration -- are you supported in such a way that allows you to grow
3. Student-Athletes -- your primary foundation will come about from the people you recruit
4. Core Values -- what your value, what you teach -- they why and the how

If any of these "foundational" areas are not formed properly, you will be trying to repair cracks from time to time.