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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is a great passage from "One Last Strike" by Tony La Russa on process over result-oriented thinking:

To prepare for this final sprint we went to each player or pitcher personally to remind him of what his keys to success were.  For example, David Freese and Allen Craig both have an RBI mentality.  Our coahces would review their success keys as a way to refocus them in their last stretch of first-half games and as a way to renew our confidence in them.  We did the same, usually informally, with players throughout the rest of the roster.  We would also continue giving clear feedback like this about the process of success.  It's a lot different than saying to a guy, "Hey, over the next two series I want you to drive in six runs."  Focusing on a predetermined result like six runs doesn't take into account the many things that can come into play to negatively or positively affect a player's ability to reach that goal.  In some ways, a predetermined goal with a set number, such as six runs, is arbitrary and distracting.  We don't want distractions.  We want focused effort on the process, i.e., how to do it.