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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My good friend Brendan Suhr some time ago wrote an outstanding book on the philosophy of Chuck Daly for whom he worked with in the NBA and with USA Basketball.  I've shared some parts of the book from time to time but as a coach I recommend you get the book as it is packed with so much valuable information.  Here is a brief review of their scouting philosophy:

Scouting reports for the players -- 2 pages

--Depth Chart of opponent

--10 keys to winning

--8 Set plays; 2 Early Offense sets; 2 Side OB’s; 2 BOB’s

We want our players to feel that they are prepared and confident, but not overloaded with information.

Our coaches have basically a book on each opponent, so that we know EVERYTHING they do. The philosophy that we believe in is very similar to what Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots has: “I don’t tell our players everything that I know, rather I tell them what they need to know to WIN the game.” Chuck also liked Coach Wooden’s approach of focusing on your own teams preparation, not your opponents.

From "Chuck Daly Coaching" by Brendan Suhr