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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Game performances occur in the present, not in the past or future.

Although recalling positive memories of past performances and visualizing future ones can be useful, the best state of mind to be in is in the present.

George Mumford, who also work with the L.A. Lakers when Phil Jackson was coach, currently works with sports teams at Boston College.  He still remembers his best student on the Bulls, none other than Michael Jordan  "Michael made no distinction between practice and a game in terms of the effort he puts in," Mumford recalled.  "He was the first one running sprints and doing all the other drills.  He didn't have to prove anything, and yet he was always pushing himself.  Not in an abusive way, but because he was truly in the moment and enjoying what he was doing."

Before, during and after practice and competition, constantly remind yourself, "Right here is the best place, and right now is the only time."

"Don't coach and teach too much about where you want to be," Coach Wooden said. "Coach and teach where you are as a team right now, and what you want to do right now in order to player your best."

From "The Winning Spirit" by Joe Montana and Tom Mitchell