Monday, October 26, 2009


Listening for FIGS: Four reasons for listening to any speaker or teacher. The reasons start with the letters F, I, G, and S.

Listen to Flatter: Flatter the speaker. But even if he doesn’t have anything of value for you, he’s still a human being. He would rather be flattered than ignored. Why not flatter him by keeping your eyes on him at all times? Not yet convinced?

Listen to Impress: Impress the speaker. Send him away thinking and talking about what a terrific student you are.

Listen to Get Ahead: Speakers, teacher—anyone—often can help you in ways you never imagine.

Listen for Self-Discipline: If you think you can go through life always knowing who can help you and who can’t, who you should make an effort to flatter and impress and who you can afford to ignore and depress, you’re wrong. You’ll never do it. Sometimes the people who seem least in a position to help you are those who can do the most. Other times people who act like they can give you the world won’t actually life a finger for you. The intelligent thing to do, if you want to get ahead, is be the best you can be at all times, which brings us to self-discipline. You ought to learn to listen with your eyes and body—looking attentive and holding your body-erect—as a matter of developing your own self-discipline.

From "Think Like a Champion" by Dick Devenzio