Thursday, October 15, 2009


With my latest subscription to Success Magazine, I also receive a monthly set of book notes and some motivational DVD's to listen to in the car while I'm sitting in traffic. Our form AD Skip Bertman really got me into listening to motivation in the car talking about how he always would get something that would help him or his team. Skip hasn't steered me wrong yet!

So while on the way home yesterday, I am listening to John Maxwell talk about the great mountain climber Jim Whittaker. Jim has scaled every mountain of significance in the world including Mount Everest more than any other climber. John is interested in mountain climbing and was ready to talk to him and throw some questions his way. One was what did he consider his biggest accomplishment. John thought it might be getting to the top of Mt. Everest more than any one but he got a surprising answer.

“I have helped more people get to the top of Mount Everest than any other person,” he replied. “Taking people to the top who could never get there without my assistance is my greatest accomplishment.”

Thus is the essence of leadership. It is not us getting to the top -- but helping others to travel with us!