Tuesday, October 13, 2009


One of the things we learn from Coach Don Meyer is the value of keeping a journal. As Coach Meyer would explain, we're not talking about a diary. We are not writing down what we do -- we are collection thoughts of what we've learned. It is something I started doing over a decade ago when I first heard Coach Meyer speak about it. It's also became somewhat of a release for me as well.

Here are some thoughts from Jim Rohn on keeping a journal:

Be a collector of good ideas, but don’t trust your memory. The best collecting place for all of the ideas and information that comes your way is your journal.

The reason I spend so much money for my journals is to press me to find something valuable to put in them.

There are three things to leave behind: your photographs, your library and your personal journals. These things are certainly going to be more valuable to future generations than your furniture!

Don’t use your mind for a filing cabinet. Use your mind to work out problems and find answers; file away good ideas in your journal.