Tuesday, October 13, 2009


When I can find a few moments, I like to go to Coach Steve Finamore's "Play The Right Way" website at: http://playerdevelopment.wordpress.com/. Last night I came upon a posting he had on Bill Russell -- one of my favorites. Nice post Coach!

Yesterday while driving I was listening to the Jim Rome Show on the radio, hiis guest was Boston Celtics great, Bill Russell. Russ was talking about his new book, ‘Red and Me’, which details his relationship with the late Red Auerbach.

Towards the conclusion of the interview, Russell cut Rome off like he was blocking an opponent’s shot; “I apologize for interrupting you. Can you do me a favor?” Russell said.

Rome was like, “heck yeah, anything for you #6.”

“When you introduce me, can you please refer to me as the former captain of the Boston Celtics; That means way more to me then any Hall of Fame or other personal title. That was the most important thing for me.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard!

Then again, I should’ve expected something like that to come from the greatest winner in all of sports.