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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As a coach, you wish well of all your players. But there are always some that work so extremely hard to make themselves better that you gain a special feeling of satisfaction as they achieve great things. One such player for me is Sylvia Fowles. Growing up in the rough part of Miami Sylvia leaned on a strong mother and made herself into a good basketball player. At LSU she worked extremely hard to become a special player. She was the first to the gym and the last one to leave. She was the hardest worker in the weight room. This past summer she was the one of the leading scorers and rebounders for Team USA as they captured the Gold Medal. In two weeks, on May 15, she will walk across the stage and receive her degree. Below is a link of the great summer she had playing in the extremely competitive Euroleague. Excuse a proud coach for bragging.

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