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Thursday, April 23, 2009


When we mention 5/5 whole method you are probably thinking of scrimmage situations and generally that is true. We do however utilize a 5/5 Motion Game that has become the most competitive part of practice. This is a game between our team, typically broken into even squads. We play the game in five minutes on a running clock and utilize the shot clock. We can start each possession from the side or at the circle at half court. If your team scores, you keep the ball. We keep score and the losers run. The key is how you keep score!

Again it is up to your imagination and what your team needs to improve upon or prepare for that dictate scoring. First, we always award the defensive team four points for a turnover. We stress daily the importance of “valuing the basketball” and four points are the basket you might have scored and the one you might give up as a result. Second, we always award the offensive team two points for an offensive rebound. From this point, scoring is based on whatever phase we want to emphasize. Examples include:

We want to emphasize getting the ball inside, so all baskets are worth one point unless they are scored in the paint in which they are worth three points.
Maybe we didn’t screen well yesterday so today we tell them no points for scoring baskets. But you get one point for each screen. Of course the screen must first be called out verbally, then set at the proper angle.

Should you want to place a premium on low post play you can award a point for each low post touch.

Not getting any ball reversals in your offense? Today we will give you two points for each ball reversal.

This is also yet another area that can be defensive oriented. Because your team is playing against each other, that point system can emphasis defensive play as well. Perhaps your low post defense is struggling. The two points for a low post touch puts pressure on your defense to deny that pass if they want to win.

Losers usually run a 30 second suicide. It is a very competitive game and one that has helped us get better offensively, defensively and made us a little tougher at the same time.

Restrictions are a great way to daily mold your motion offense.