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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In 2007, as our Lady Tiger basketball team was preparing for the NCAA tournament in a run the would finish in a fourth consecutive Final Four appearance, we had the privilege of having Dr. Kevin Elko work with our team. Dr. Elko is one of the nation's foremost performance consultants and has worked with Super Bowl teams, college teams and athletes individually. He did an amazing job to the point that I don't believe we would have made it to the Final Four without his guidance. One of the main principles he drove home to our team was to "remove the clutter." To follow is just portion of his most recent newsletter. To receive his newsletter and much more, check out his site:

Researcher Damian Rotter found that 78 percent of the population is driven by something outside of them, clutter; in other words, only 22 percent is not driven by clutter! To become the 22 percent, you need only not to plant thoughts that have the purpose of sinking your vision deeper. But there is more. The closer to pure your thoughts of your vision are, the greater the likelihood of their manifesting themselves. The challenge is that all day long you and I often have thoughts counter to the vision popping in our heads, and when we let these thoughts sit there, it is like planting a desired plant to germinate, but then letting all those undesired weeds grow beside our vision, squeezing the nutrients from the soil and eventually choking what we desired to death. You must constantly remove the mental clutter like daily pulling undesired weeds. And as this research suggests, the thoughts are constantly coming in from the outside, and then these outside thoughts are taking over like a bunch of bad weeds overpowering a beautiful rose garden.

A.J. Muste stood outside the White House lawn during the entire Vietnam War, holding a candle. Once a reporter came to him and said, "You will not change the world by doing this." He said, "I am not trying to change the world. I am doing this so the world does not change me."