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Thursday, April 2, 2009


The following is from Nick Saban speaking of the difficulties of coaching young players which becomes increasingly more difficult with each passing season. He's really nailed it in regard to the part of how sensitive young players are these days. They think it is all a personal attack on them and miss out on the opportunity to learn. It is a wonderful feeling to watch a young player that finally figures that out -- to watch him/her grow from that point. It is equally disappointing when you come across the talented player that can never get over the hump and understand that all along you are trying to make him/her better.

"We're out there coaching guys, and the young guys they can't play a lick and they get upset every time you say something to them. They're so sensitive about getting criticized. Rather than being worried about what we're saying to you, why don't you listen to what we're saying to you and try and do it and it might help you get better...We're not evaluating you when we correct you. We're teaching you. So if we're teaching you why would you get upset about it? We have a bunch of youngens out there you have a hard time with that."